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What's the difference between Gordon and Irish Setters?

See The Red and the Black

What's the difference between an Irish Setter and a Red Setter? See When Is a Red Setter an Irish Setter?

How long do these dogs live? Average lifespan of both breeds is 10-12 years.

How big do these dogs get? See Gordon Setter or Irish Setter .

 How much exercise do these dogs need? See Exercise

How much grooming do these dogs require?

Click here for the short answer: Everyday grooming

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Are these dogs good with children? See Gordons and Kids or Irish and Kids

Are these dogs protective? See Gordon protectiveness or Irish protectiveness

Are these dogs good with other dogs? See Gordons and other dogs or

Irish and other dogs

What are the health problems in these breeds? See Gordon health or Irish health 

How can I get more information about these breeds?

See our Bibliographies or visit the Irish Setter Club of America's  and the Gordon Setter Club of America's web site

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What is a field trial? See My First Field Trial

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