Dual Champion & Amateur Field Champion
& Canadian Champion
Wyld Torrent Bright Star, Master Hunter,
Working Dog Retrieving


 May 9, 1989 -- March 2003
OFA Rating: Good
Sire:  Ch. Heatherhill's Battlestar
Dam:  Ch. Highland Duchess Bright Star
Height:  25"
Weight:  64 pounds

Characteristics:  Very athletic and strong dog.  Moderate in all physical aspects.  Wide range, can be quite independent afield. Good nose, very intense.  Extremely loving and loyal companion. Non aggressive.  Can be sensitive. 

Lived just short of 14 years.

Field & Amateur Field Champion
World Class Wynn Bright Star, Master Hunter

Lost to complications of diabetes

Dual Champion & Amateur Field Champion
& Canadian Champion
Cordon Bleu Bright Star, Junior Hunter


Tempe & Tracy

17th Dual Champion in breed history

5th generation of Bright Star breeding


Lost to complications of pancreatitis.

American and Canadian Champion

Olympic Triumph Bright Star, Junior Hunter




December 29, 1989 -- February 2002

OFA rating:  Excellent

PRA status: not tested

Sire:  Ch. Rusticwood Olympic Medalist, CD

Dam:  Am/Can Ch. Winsome Joy Bright Star, CD, JH, VC

Height: 28" Weight: 95 lbs

Characteristics:  Well-boned; excellent layback, ribspring, forechest, upper arm angulation; short-coupled, flat croup, good tail set, rather straight in stifle, short hocks.  Excellent mover.  Heavily-coated. Excellent nose, style on point, desire for birds.  Natural retriever. Intelligent, very willing to please, sensitive.  Gets along wonderfully with people and other dogs.  Easy going, laid back.


Lost to adenocarcinoma.


Champion Upland Bounty Bright Star, Junior Hunter



November 27, 1997 -- June 2003
OFA Rating: Good
Sire: DC/AFC/Can Ch. Wyld Torrent Bright Star, MH, WDR
Dam:  Alexandria Argos Bright Star, JH, WD
27 1/4"
Weight:  82 pounds

Tall, upstanding dog with good bone.  Tan markings slightly brighter than medium.  Dark eyes, good bite.  Nice classic head, lovely neck.  Moderate front and rear angulation, balanced. Enormous run and range afield, was Field Puppy of the Year for 1998 and won the Open Derby stake at the Gordon Setter Club of America National Field Trial in Colorado in 1999.  Intense desire, strong point, handles well despite the extreme range.  Very sweet natured, wants very much to be a "good dog."  Friendly with people and other dogs.  Catches on to new things quickly and with pleasure.


Tragically taken by leukemia.



March 27, 1995 -- February 2005
OFA Rating: FAIR
Sire: DC/AFC/Can Ch. Wyld Torrent Bright Star, MH, WDR
Dam:  Ch. Hy Hopes Scarlett O'Hara, JH, WDR
Height:  24 1/2"
Weight:  60 pounds
Characteristics:  Eye-catching bouncy dog.  Beautiful headpiece and expression.  Profuse coat with some wave.  Gorgeous movement in ring.  Appears larger than he is.  Good body substance and rib spring, well-boned for size.  Good shoulders, topline, tailset, angulation.  Very strong hunting and pointing instincts.  Excellent nose, style, intensity.  Good range and ground speed.  Developing nice tail action.  Very easy going with other dogs and delightful with people.  Responsive, intelligent, willing, with strength of character and loyalty.


Lost to cancer.




January 21, 1998 -- April 2005
OFA Rating: Good
Sire: Ch.
Hillock Orion Bright Star, JH

Dam:  Can Ch. Ravenwoods Gala
Bright Star, JH, WD

Height:  24"
Weight:  60 pounds

Untimely taken, cause unknown.

American & Canadian Champion

Rhythm N' Blues Bright Star, Junior Hunter


Date of birth: February 19, 1993

OFA rating: Good

PRA status: DNA -tested clear

Sire: Am/Can Ch. Lyn Erin Midnight Blue

Dam: Am/Can Ch. Scarlet Victory Bright Star, Am/Can CD, JH, VC

Height: 27"

Weight: 84 pounds showing; 72 pounds field trialing

Characteristics:  Large head, wonderful expression.  Moderate bone, forechest, upper arm angulation, coupling, bend of stifle. Level croup and topline.  Good shoulder layback and ribspring. Excellent length of neck, coat color and texture.  Tremendous coat. Short hocks and tail.  Very strong, broad-based, driving rear. Flowing run, good range, good style and intensity on point, excellent nose.  Very intelligent, agile, athletic.  Outgoing personality, exuberant.  Good with other dogs and people; demands attention. Eager to please, takes correction well, very responsive.  High energy level.

American & Canadian Champion

Strike It Rich Bright Star, Companion Dog,

Junior H
, Versatility Certificate


Call Name: Niner

Date of birth: December 1, 1994

OFA rating: Excellent

PRA status: DNA-tested clear

Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Rhythm N' Blues Bright Star, JH

Dam: Olympic Victory Bright Star

Height: 27+"

Weight: 76 pounds

Characteristics:  Large masculine head with sweet expression. Well-boned.  Excellent shoulders, topline, tailset.  Balanced good angulation front and rear, nice bend of stifle.  Flat and very dark coat.  Good body substance.  Beautiful movement with great front extension and reach.  Long and well-arched neck. Good nose and style on point, medium range, responsive to handler. Intelligent, eager, willing to please.  Very easy going and gentle.

Lost to kidney failure.

Champion SILVER WINGS BRIGHT STAR, Junior Hunter


Call Name: Katie

November 23, 1996 - February 6, 2008

OFA rating: Excellent

PRA status: genetically clear

Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Rhythm N' Blues Bright Star, JH

Dam: FC/AFC World Class Wynn Bright Star, MH

Lost to kidney failure






 May 13, 2004 - December 28, 2010

SR176847/01 OFA Good # IR-10345G25F-PI

Sire: Am/Can/Mex/ Int’l. Ch. Starbrite Marvel Bright Star, SH

Dam:  Dual Ch. Kulana X Quizit Bright Star, JH

Height: 25” +/-

Weight: 55 Pounds +/-

Described by her field trainer as “stellar,” Copper was 1st 
Place in 3 senior stakes and second in the 4th at the Irish Setter
Club of Central California November 2010 field trial, finishing the weekend
and the fall field trial season lacking just one single point to complete
her Field Champion title.  Returning to her field trainer, completely unexpectedly, she bloated in her kennel run one night.  The
trainer found her in extreme distress and rushed her to the vet who took her
into immediate surgery, but was unable to save her. 
All concerned were devastated. 
Copper had also earned 4 conformation points, was a delight to live
with, and sadly had not yet been bred.


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