Bright Star Setters

Irish Setter Bibliography


I.                    General Reference


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 (Bright Star featured on page 145)


D.      The Offical Book of the Irish Setter, Connie Vanacore; approved by the Irish Setter Club of America; T. F. H. Publications, Inc.; 2000

                        (Bright Star featured and pictured on pages 44-45, 215, 222-226)


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                        (Bright Star dogs pictured on pages 15, 31, 32, 135)


F.  The Complete Dog Book; published by The American Kennel Club; Howell Book House, 230

Park Ave., New York, NY 10169.



II.                  Health Care


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III.                Behavior and General Training


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B.      The Dog’s Mind, Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior; Bruce Fogle, DVM, MRCVS; Howell

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IV.                Hunting and Field Training


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V.                  Showing


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VI.                Irish Setter Club of America Promotional Material


                        order from Larry Larkin, 142 Kortney Dr., Weatherford, TX  76087; 817-613-8646;



VII.              Magazines


A.  Memo to Members, bi-monthly newsletter published by the Irish Setter Club of America, full-size magazine format: Editor Pat Robinson, 1826 Palmcroft Way NE, Phoenix, AZ 85007-1740; 602-253-6260;


            B.  Pure Bred Dogs/American Kennel Gazette; 260 Madison Ave., New York, NY   10016



VIII.            Book Suppliers


4-M Enterprises, Inc., 1280 Pacific St., Union City, CA 94587, (800) 487-9867;  (408) 489-8722, or visit



IX.                Web Sites of interest


A.       Irish Setter Club of  America:


B.       American Kennel Club:


C.     Dog show information: