Purchase price of our pups begins at $1,000 plus any shipping charges and supplies. Top show prospects are reserved for show homes only. All sales are final and by written contract. Buyers have one week from date of acquisition to have the pup examined by a veterinarian: If any problem is discovered at that time, a full refund of the purchase price (excluding any shipping costs) will be given upon return of the pup with a letter of explanation from the examining veterinarian. A $100 deposit will reserve a pup until the age of 7 weeks. Deposits are taken on a first-come, first-served basis and are acknowledged immediately, with follow-up upon the birth of a litter. Deposits apply in full to the purchase price. Deposits are refundable only if we are not able to satisfy your needs in a pup!

Payment in full is expected at the time of acquisition of the puppy. We can make payment arrangements. We need at least half the purchase price at time of acquisition, including any initial deposit, and the balance within six months, in one or several divided payments. We do not charge any interest. We will retain the AKC registration application, and therefore legal ownership, of the puppy until it is paid in full.

We ship puppies by air when necessary, after the age of 10 weeks. If available, we use a direct flight and a priority air cargo service, such as NorthWest Airlines VIP service, American Airlines Priority Parcel, Delta Dash, or Alaska Gold Spike service. If priority service is unavailable, we ship COD by Air Cargo. We prepay Priority services. We can ship in a buyer-owned kennel sent to us in advance, in a small shipping kennel (size 200 Vari Kennel) returned to us at buyer's expense, or in an adult-sized kennel which we can purchase and bill for (please call or email for sizes and costs.) If the airline or the buyer requires a health certificate, we bill buyer at our cost. We do not charge for transportation to San Francisco or Oakland airports.

When shipping a puppy, we include two unsigned copies of our sales contract. Upon receipt of pup and any necessary veterinary examination, buyer will sign both copies of contract and return them to Bright Star with payment in full, including shipping expenses (unless other arrangements have been agreed upon previously.) We will return one signed copy of the contract to buyer with AKC registration application for pup.

 We do not make any explicit guarantees. If a genetic defect appears following the initial examination and that defect renders the pup unsuitable for the purpose(s) for which it was purchased (family pet, hunting dog, show dog, breeding stock, field competition, etc.) we will replace the dog with another puppy of similar quality. We do not refund monies, nor contribute financially to any medical procedures or treatment. We do not insist upon the return of the original dog, although we will take it back if the owner(s) so desire. We will provide the replacement puppy at a time appropriate for the owner(s), be it at once, or in subsequent years, subject to availability.

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